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alright... here's the short way of doing it..

.exe files containing folders
all (123) the base icons: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qhg7b0
note that a lot of the bases i never used, so there are goodies/surprises in there..

all (172) the finished icons: http://www.sendspace.com/file/ylgmy7
if you want to roam through the finished ones in the photobucket album, its here.

alright.. thats two shortcuts.
deep breath. lets go with alphabetical order shall we?

(AND I DONT KNOW WHAT THE DEAL IS WITH THE LONG SPACES. when i open it to edit they're not there. JUST KEEP SCROLLING.)
A is for Amour, S is for.. many things...Collapse )


i can't WAIT to start working every day. lol.


a lovely 413 theme going on here. except for the kiss me eye photo, but you know... the eyes are the same.

click to make happen

eye simple

eye + words

413 writing, simpler version but not  screen-ratio'd...
you'll have to stretch it. but it might work for a web background? dunno.

413 writing, proper version. ratio'd

take em if you like em. credit cant possibly be necessary as none of it is really mine to begin with.
im going out for a cigarette. i might  make more when i get back. but if not i will make more when i find some nice lovely big res pictures i can steal. share big robert pictures if you want me to mess with em! 

oh yes. its back.

ive made tons since the last instalment so i figured it was high time i made another one...

one to lure you in

underneath the starsCollapse )

teh end... for now.

two late breaking ones:

cos it was that awesome.

iana will be M.I.A for a month-ish...

i gotta pack up my computer now. bye bye livejournal. i may be on every once in a while but we'll be sharing a laptop until my stuff arrives in a month... so i leave you with this---

RS blingee collection #1

here's the first one i ever did

(warning: picture heavy)
feel free to steal any you like-

theres only 65 of these. lol.

under the cutCollapse )

cure mass love icons. PART 1 - bases

theres 74 of these puppies...

mass love under the cutCollapse )

these are all stills, ive not had photoshop on my computer in a loooooooong time and i still dont, but i was dying to make some icons with photobucket's editor, so i stayed up all night and did!

[4] milla jovovich
[6] jarvis cocker
[10] doctor who
[48] robert smith / simon gallup  (lol, i got carried away with *gheydom*)

nice round numbers!


follow the cut and find...

This journal is now


dear santa (stolen from larissa_j)

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In June I donated bone marrow a really wicked pair of leather boots to jlybeanenema in a life-saving procedure (300 points). In February I turned larissa_j in for littering tennant!porn all over LJ (3 points -100 points). In March I helped saxonny hide a body (-173 points). In July I gave change to a homeless guy (19 points). In May I stole Noel Fielding's goth juice, broke it, and couldn't glue it back together before Mom got home (-1012 points). Last Monday I gave stolensoul a life-saving hair transfusion cut (50 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-640 points). For Christmas I deserve a spanking from David Tennant!


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